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16 May 2008 @ 12:53 pm
"Pretenders", Georgina-centric with hints of Georgina/Dan and Georgina/Serena  
Title: Pretenders
Author: Renna, renna_esprit
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Rating: PG
Character: Georgina-centric with hints of Georgina/Dan and Georgina/Serena
Spoilers: 1.17 “Woman on the Verge”
Disclaimer: not mine
Word count: about 240
Thanks to GiggaLoop for beta :)

Dan kisses like all other good boys do – too sloppy and too soft. It doesn’t surprise her; she expected something like that.

She hates when someone touches her face and to her disgust, Dan’s palms are pressed against her cheek. But, for now, she can stand the contact. Despite what her so-called friends think, Georgina can stand.

And she can wait.

Dan’s kissing her, but she thinks about Serena. S is funny. S likes to talk quietly –almost like whispering—and her voice often sounds hoarse and gruff, but in reality, it’s nothing like that. Her voice is clear and Georgina knows that. S just pretends.

Fucking pretender.

She doesn’t know what will happen next, she doesn’t know what she’ll do next –right after Dan stops kissing her– and she doesn’t know what she’ll do to S. Maybe she’ll forgive her. Maybe…

Georgina isn’t sentimental. She doesn’t like to think about the past; no, she doesn’t like past tense at all. “The past is the past”, she likes to say, “and the past shouldn’t affect the present.” All she wants to do is get even. S hurt her. G wants to make S pay. That’s it.

Dan’s kissing her and again, she thinks about Serena.

She can’t let her go. No, she did that already. At least that’s what she thinks she did.