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16 May 2008 @ 01:09 pm
"Do Not Scratch Her", Quistis, Seifer  
Title: Do not scratch her
Author: Renna, renna_esprit
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: PG
Character: Quistis, Seifer
Disclaimer: not mine
Word count: about 380
Thanks to Iapis for beta :)

It doesn’t hurt at first – when a blade cuts my skin. It’s unexpected.

I step back.

“What the -” I breathe and bite my lip as I try not to swear. I shouldn’t swear. My hand touches a cold and rough wall behind my back and I freeze, leaning to it.

He grins. It isn’t an evil grin – more like sarcastic – but I don’t know for sure. Magic is pulsing on the very tip of his fingers, burning red into the twilight of the training center. He's still grinning.

The cut isn’t deep – just a scratch. The blade only slitted the fabric and barely touched my skin, but there’s a blood spot flowing on my clothes, and it seems like the cut is deep and the blood loss is intense.

I do not care much for that. The matter is he never wounded me before. And I always knew he could.

It wasn’t like that before. It was different. He could win and not even touched me; he could prove his strength not even having to scratch my skin. And now he can’t. And I don’t want to admit it, but I blame Squall. He’s a good student, Seifer Almasy, he can fight like a SeeD should. And he can distinguish training fight from the real one.

He can do it even now.

“Oh, I’m sorry, instructor Trepe,” he laughs, “I didn’t mean to.”

He did, and I know that.

The magic light on his hands fades and he steps back into the twilight, where I cannot see his face. Actually, without glasses I couldn’t discern it even if we were in sunlight, and I note that he uses opponents’ weaknesses – as instructor, I can say it’s a good quality and trait for an upcoming SeeD.

I told myself once to look at them as my students – nothing more. And if I look at him as a student now, I’ll say – he’s good.

And I say it.

“It was a good movement. Shall we continue?”

He keeps silent. And I still can not see his face, but I think… he isn't grin now.